Thursday, October 13, 2011

This post

Yep I did it.

Posted a baby bump photo.

I am seven months.

And I have had an EMOTIONAL time.

I cry at...

Law and Order
Dreamgirls soundtrack
Blog posts

Bestie promises that we will look back on this and look back at the sappy text message I sent her yesterday at 9:00 PM.....and laugh at the emotional wreck I am.

Ed promises not to leave me and that he still likes me.

But I am feeling good today...almost normal.

Let's pray this is how it is from here on out.

And if it isn't



HiLL said...

yay! i love your lovely lady lump! :> i cried at parenthood too. don't feel alone on that one! haha

loving your hair! :0)

Melwel said...

You are amazingly cute!!! So glad to see the bump

Crying is fine... We all do/did it.

prcessmag said...

I love this pic! You look good!!! you all didn't know me when I was was not pretty, cute...nothing like this! BE proud that you are a rockin' mom to be. I cannot say it enough, how lucky that GIRL BABY is!

robin said...

You are cute. Super cute. I'm jealous.

Lori Platts said...

You are super cute. Not a lie.