Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Who will save me?

So tonight was our wards Halloween carnival.

I love seeing all the sweet little costumes.

I had two conversations with two cute friends that made me realize I am doomed.

First convo with first cute friend started with me telling her how fab her costume was...she said...
"thanks my mom made it"

Second convo with second cute friend started "come see my kids" 
And they were the cutest Mickey and Minnie Mouse.
I said they were so cute...she said....
"thanks my grandma made them"

It was then I realized the horror....I need a seamstress. Like NOW.

How will I have any cute costumes???? How will Girl Baby survive????

Someone loan me their grandma or their mom.



aubry. said...

remember today when i told you rebecca was putting a sewing machine on a truck, direct shipment to my house?

my skills are rusty, but i took a sewing class in college. i know enough to sew a kid's costume. not enough to make you a polygamist dress with perfect seams.

Kim Millard said...

You can use my mom. She won't mind.

prcessmag said...

I think my kids were cute, and I bought their costumes,20 bucks each at Halloween City....but my dream is to make them myself, maybe we can have a sewing party :)

Aubrey said...

Monthly craft night...remember?!?