Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gratitiude - day one

On this the month of gratitude I start it out with something most importatnt.

The fact that J.Crew crewcuts now has baby.

Wait did you hear me....

J. Crew crewcuts now has BABY!!!!

Girl Baby was born at the perfect time...just like I was in jail at the perfect time (when they had delicious chicken nuggets).

So sweet November...your first day goes to crewcuts.

It's a good day.


Anonymous said...

gag! what is it like to have no sense of reality??

aubry. said...

whaaaaat was that anonymous? what? a sense of reality? how about a sense of propriety? get your own venue to talk sass... don't waste your time here. we roll our eyes at silly girls like you.

and jen - $17.95 to keep your baby warm? how dare you!

brooke said...

now i know jen can take care of herself, but seriously, anonymous, really???
i'm with aubry, stop wasting your time.

jen!!! i love jcrew...especially crewcuts....didn't know about baby!
i mean, a girl can dream, right?

Anonymous said...

I'm a different anon, a blog lurker, and I just want to say you're awesome! And this is one of the most "real" blogs I read!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the first anonymous. I think you're in for a VERY rude awakening when this baby comes.
I've read from past posts that you won't "allow" pink, hello kitty, new age country like Taylor Swift, and the list goes on. You need to approach motherhood as you're going to love your baby no matter what she likes even if it's different from you.
No longer lurking as these posts make me sad for your baby.

aubry. said...

hey y'all. no more.

the anonymous comments are beyond hurtful. please recognize jen's blog as a daily dose of cheeky wit and humor. none of us can draw true conclusions about a person's character {or their mothering potential} based on the things we say in our individual corners of the www. your words have caused tears and that's not okay. that's not what blogging is all about. at least not here.

jen's wit is quick and her heart is whole. she's going to love this girl through and through... even when she's asking for a pink sanrio surprise 5th birthday party.

there is never ever an occassion that's acceptable to hide hurtful words behind your anonymity. she would not stoop so low on your blog and you should not stoop so low on hers.


Prcessmag said...

UGH! To: Anonymous #2 your comment makes me sad for you. It is truly a hit on womanhood when women feel the need to bring other women down. Jen is the most real person I have EVER met. Girl baby is the luckiest little girl to have Jen as her mommy!

Mike & Melissa said...

Jen is amazing! And if those who wish to remain "Anonymous" knew even 1/4 of what she's been through and how incredible she is, you might not be so quick to judge. Plus, if you've got something to say, don't hide behind this "Anonymous" crap. Jen is all about speaking her mind and if you learned anything at all about her from her blog, you wouldn't be such a chicken to let her know what you think.

This blog is her opinion, and since this is a free country, she has every right to express that opinion, and if you don't like it, you have every right to not read it.

But you DO NOT have a right to make a pregnant woman cry!

If you make Jen cry again, I'll will high-five you in the face. With a closed fist. And I hate violence, but that's how much I love Jen.

Amber* said...

I've never understood why people read a blog just to kick/put down/or say hurtful things about the blog writer/author. If they don't like what Jen has to say, why read her blog? I think its amazing along with a lot of other people.

Girl Baby is going to look dashing in that J. Crew Crewcut!

Anonymous said...

I'm totally anonymous but not really, I almost killed the Jen once! Remember that time in the blue mini-van on the Squaw Peak? LOL...I haven't commented before, but I totally love your writing and honestly, your journey is inspiring. Those that leave negative or hurtful comments are jealous of what you have and the honesty with which you live your life! Blog on...I for one enjoy your take on life!