Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gratitude - day sixteen

My Bestie.

It is her 30th birthday today.

Happy Happy.

She is family to me. And my dearest friend.

We have laughed, cried (yes I have seen her cry), and shared in almost everything for the past four years.

She is my person.

She knows EVERYTHING about me. There is not one thing she does not know...down to my pin number and garage code.

We both HATE the word bestie and started using it as a joke and it stuck.

We love delicious restaurants and fabulous shopping.

She is my best movie partner.

She has the biggest heart.

So Happy Birthday Aubs!!!

Today I am grateful for you.


Nikki Nielson said...

Happy Birthday Aubry!

aubry. said...

where is this picture from? a concert? we look like we have other people's sweat on our bodies.

communikate. said...

Bestie Jen! Thanks so much for the J-Crew card! I'm rocking that cute heart sweater in style!

pst.. where have I been? hello.. meet a new follower. :)