Friday, November 4, 2011

Gratitude - day four

My neighborhood.

I like my neighbors..they are fun.

We laugh and have a great time together.

We are all different and they do not think I am too loud.

I am excited for my girl baby to play in our neighborhood.

I am surrounded by supportive women.

Strong women who I admire.

But I don't like Arctic Circle.

And if you go to the car wash at 2:00 AM you killed someone and need to wash out your trunk.


Kim Millard said...

Come one...what about the shakes from Arctic Circle? That's what I'm going through their drive through for. But they have Pepsi, BOO!

And I agree, your neighbors are pretty awesome!

prcessmag said...

I love our neighborhood!
Umm yeah, whoever is at the carwash at 2am definitely has something to hide! I'm going to start writing down license plate numbers, consider yourselves warned!

Ed said...

*looking at picture* ...did we move?

aubry. said...

Is there still a unit left for sale?