Monday, November 14, 2011

Gratitude - day fourteen

Miracles in safety that have happened for this little one.

This is Catherine.

She is my sweet sister.

I have four sweet sisters that I inherited...I love them all.

Last summer (2010) my little one was in a car accident that almost took her from us.

This summer she got married and now they are expecting baby on the way.

Today she got into ANOTHER car accident.

She is is ok....but it was a scare none the less.

I love bits and bits. And I would die if anything happened to her or her sweet little growing family.

So today I am thankful for miracles and for my Heavenly Father who provides them.


aubry. said...

seriously, cat, stop getting hit by cars.

Lori Platts said...


Catherine Lacy said...

Thanks Jen, I love you! And seriously cars are scary things. I'm so glad my sweet little man is well though can not wait for both our babies to get here!

Amber* said...

I love Cath too. She is wonderful! Glad to hear she is okay!