Thursday, August 27, 2009


Thank you for making cupcakes
(I literally do not know what I would do in this life without you)

Thank you for picking me up
(I really wanted to see him and you helped me)

Thank you for emailing me
(it made my week)

Thank you for not killing my dog
(just love on him)

Thank you for Mad Men
(and I thought you were only good for old movies)

Thank you for the tickets
(miss and I had a blast)

Thank you for coming over last night
(It was soooo great to see you)

Thank you for Taco Soup
(something that I can make....YAY!!!!)

Thank you for lunch
(and bonus it was half off thanks to meth)

Thank you for texting me that hilarious joke
(it made me laugh out loud)

Thank you for texting and asking about Ed
(you are the best pseudo mom ever)

Thank you for helping Ed with his house
(you have done a great job, even with the stress of it all)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Favorite Friday - Waiting for Guffman

Ok...give me a minute to recover because even the movie cover makes me laugh

This movie is pure genius. Some may argue that Spinal Tap is better...but it is not

If you follow Christopher Guest films then you know...this is his best

I will give you five reasons:

Parker Posey

The main characters name is Corky

It's a mockumentary

The best use of swear words I have ever seen

Corky wears his pants backwards like Kriss Kross

Seriously...I own it. You can borrow it.

And so Waiting for Guffman today is dedicated to you

(and your ass face)

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Thank you for taking care of Ed
(even though your his mom)

Thank you for having STNG

Thank you for taking me everywhere
(it was like old times and totally fun)

Thank you for coming out of retirement again
(that was sarcasm....stupid Brett Favre)

Thank you for eating Volcano Nachos with me
(once a year)

Thank you Mochi Ice Cream
(some days you save me)

Thank you for getting me kleenex in sacrament meeting
(seriously...that was super fast)

Thank you for sending me the text about changing your wallpaper
(It made my entire day)

Thank you for suggesting Imaginationland
(I laughed until I peed)

Thank you for commenting on my blog
(even though we have never met)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mad Men

Ummm...can anyone say brilliant?

I mean, WOW. Thank you AMC.

This little sparkling gem started it's third season on Sunday...I mean...where have I been?

Well no fear I am on it now.

I have looked up all the info on Wikipedia and Miss and I are nearly experts now.

(Don, Peggy, Pete, Sterling and Joan...yeah we know them)

So Peeps set your DVR's Mad Men

(Oh and for all my Buffy and Angel of the main characters is Connor from Angel. BONUS)

A Letter

Dear Mono,

I really do not like you. You have taken the health of the one I love, you have ruined my plans for the next three months, AND you have made it so I can not kiss Ed for like 3 months. I looked you up on Web MD and you are a bugger. Like, remember how you are not supposed to make adults over 21 sick? Remember how you are supposed to like NOT make a 28 year old man seriously ill?

And what is with this 3 month recovery? I mean mono should be called like "mini cancer" or something. Because you never really lose it, it just goes into remission. BUH!!!! Leave my boyfriend alone.

But..I did just have the best Monday with Miss.....but that is all I will give you.

All I can say is one day you will get yours.


Friday, August 14, 2009

Favorite Friday - MAC Red Lipstick

I love red lipstick

It makes me feel...girly and sultry and just a little trashy

Miss (of course) found the best red lipstick in a land that I NEVER enter....

The MAC makeup counter

(Seriously, I went with her one day. I bought what I needed from Dior and then braved the isles of tweens, Utah County moms, loud terrible music, and sales girls with too much or thier own product on their face. Miss made me go. Said it was good for me.)


Found this perfect little gem of a color MAC Red

And so today is dedicated to you....MAC Red Lipstick

(Sorry Ed melted you in the back of the Jetta)

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Thank you for planning a dinner for me tonight
(it was totally awesome)

Thank you for coming last night even with the swine flu
(i love you)

Thank you for driving me everywhere
(this could be for tons of people)

Thank you for making me laugh
(now come home)

Thank you for being my friend when I did not have anyone
(i still worry about you)

Thank you for dealing with my dad's addict child
(i feel bad you married into that)

Thank you for being the best little sister ever
(even if we are not related)

Thank you for always standing by me and telling me to get my s&*t together
(but what are cousins for if not that)

Thank you for sharing your family with me
(i cant wait to see you next weekend)

Thank you for making the perfect moisturizer
(i will never stray)

Thank you for making the perfect cardi
(again, i will never stray)

Thank you for debating with me
(you are my favorite person who carries a gun)

Thank you for introducing me to "cheap class"
(i heart kitty's)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sweet Hell.....

Even fetching Peter Pan got married........

WHAT THE!!!!!!

This, my friends, is a babydoll that cries when it is hungry and will only stop crying when....wait for is breast fed.

Thats right. A special nursing bra comes with this baby. So you strap it on your young ones and watch as the baby "eats" while making sucking and slurping sounds.


....but it did make me laugh.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Favorite Friday - The day when THIS goes away

Scarves with t-shirts and tank tops.

Lovingly referred to in the fashion industry as "summer scarves"


That is like a "summer ski jacket" or a "winter bikini". Dumb.

I can not stand the look, and I have tried. I even tried one on. Nope I think it is tool like is every way shape and fashion.

I mean.....could you not find a neckalce that day? Do you suffer from a cold neck but everything else is hot? I suggest anyone who has to wear a scarf in the summer eat a sandwich and gain some body weight.

And so "summer scarf" this day is dedicated to the day you go away. But then...
what will Lindsay Lohan wear?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

I had a friend

Who went crazy.

It was a slow one really saw it coming.....

But decend this person did and it is difficult to watch.