Thursday, August 20, 2009


Thank you for taking care of Ed
(even though your his mom)

Thank you for having STNG

Thank you for taking me everywhere
(it was like old times and totally fun)

Thank you for coming out of retirement again
(that was sarcasm....stupid Brett Favre)

Thank you for eating Volcano Nachos with me
(once a year)

Thank you Mochi Ice Cream
(some days you save me)

Thank you for getting me kleenex in sacrament meeting
(seriously...that was super fast)

Thank you for sending me the text about changing your wallpaper
(It made my entire day)

Thank you for suggesting Imaginationland
(I laughed until I peed)

Thank you for commenting on my blog
(even though we have never met)

1 comment:

aubry. said...

to the old ladies in the eagleridge "materials center":

thank you for scowling at me when i crossed the imaginary line in the library into that off limits area, reserved especially for those have been specifically called to stand there. i was heading to the bathroom to get toilet paper for my friend who was having an emotional moment. i spied your kleenex and thought she might appreciate that a little more.

besides, i think my march 2007 tithing dollars bought that box.