Thursday, August 13, 2009


Thank you for planning a dinner for me tonight
(it was totally awesome)

Thank you for coming last night even with the swine flu
(i love you)

Thank you for driving me everywhere
(this could be for tons of people)

Thank you for making me laugh
(now come home)

Thank you for being my friend when I did not have anyone
(i still worry about you)

Thank you for dealing with my dad's addict child
(i feel bad you married into that)

Thank you for being the best little sister ever
(even if we are not related)

Thank you for always standing by me and telling me to get my s&*t together
(but what are cousins for if not that)

Thank you for sharing your family with me
(i cant wait to see you next weekend)

Thank you for making the perfect moisturizer
(i will never stray)

Thank you for making the perfect cardi
(again, i will never stray)

Thank you for debating with me
(you are my favorite person who carries a gun)

Thank you for introducing me to "cheap class"
(i heart kitty's)


Brooke said...

I'm all about cheap class...and "porn bags" :)

Lori said...

I don't "deal" with you, silly girl. I adore you. You take the step out of step daughter!