Friday, August 7, 2009

Favorite Friday - The day when THIS goes away

Scarves with t-shirts and tank tops.

Lovingly referred to in the fashion industry as "summer scarves"


That is like a "summer ski jacket" or a "winter bikini". Dumb.

I can not stand the look, and I have tried. I even tried one on. Nope I think it is tool like is every way shape and fashion.

I mean.....could you not find a neckalce that day? Do you suffer from a cold neck but everything else is hot? I suggest anyone who has to wear a scarf in the summer eat a sandwich and gain some body weight.

And so "summer scarf" this day is dedicated to the day you go away. But then...
what will Lindsay Lohan wear?


aubry. said...

i mean, "as if {we} need another layer"

only thing that could make this any better is ugg boots.

Brooke said...

I LOVE it...and I'm going to find the perfect scarf for this and start wearing it!