Monday, August 17, 2009

Mad Men

Ummm...can anyone say brilliant?

I mean, WOW. Thank you AMC.

This little sparkling gem started it's third season on Sunday...I mean...where have I been?

Well no fear I am on it now.

I have looked up all the info on Wikipedia and Miss and I are nearly experts now.

(Don, Peggy, Pete, Sterling and Joan...yeah we know them)

So Peeps set your DVR's Mad Men

(Oh and for all my Buffy and Angel of the main characters is Connor from Angel. BONUS)


robin said...

okay okay . . . geez. . . i have heard nothing else but how i need to watch mad men, and now i'm getting it from you? i don't even know you.

i'll do it already... sheesh.

aubry. said...


as if i'd disagree with anything jen says... but SERIOUSLY... mad men! it's great. genius. we were in your shoes like 3 days ago... hearing all these great things before succumbing to the 60s.

it was totally worth it. laptop on hand. pausing the dvr for the full wiki scoop on all the major players.

so good.

and now we own season one. must catch up on all the goodness we missed.

ooh, i know... come to utah and watch them with us. yeah, do.