Friday, August 14, 2009

Favorite Friday - MAC Red Lipstick

I love red lipstick

It makes me feel...girly and sultry and just a little trashy

Miss (of course) found the best red lipstick in a land that I NEVER enter....

The MAC makeup counter

(Seriously, I went with her one day. I bought what I needed from Dior and then braved the isles of tweens, Utah County moms, loud terrible music, and sales girls with too much or thier own product on their face. Miss made me go. Said it was good for me.)


Found this perfect little gem of a color MAC Red

And so today is dedicated to you....MAC Red Lipstick

(Sorry Ed melted you in the back of the Jetta)


aubry. said...

It has no name other than "red". Just "red". It sits on that tray with a hundred other colors called things like "fondle" and "jubilee" (all names with a slight association to hookers) but mr mac never even tried disguising it as one of the others. Its true to its name, its the only color of its kind - nothing competing for the title of "red", and it is perfection in a tube.

Most importantly, there is, under no circumstances, anything obscen about this red. It is best worn on Sunday at church. Only the best on the Sabbath day.

Anonymous said... I know exactly what kind to get. Maybe I'll get some for Caleb too!