Monday, August 17, 2009

A Letter

Dear Mono,

I really do not like you. You have taken the health of the one I love, you have ruined my plans for the next three months, AND you have made it so I can not kiss Ed for like 3 months. I looked you up on Web MD and you are a bugger. Like, remember how you are not supposed to make adults over 21 sick? Remember how you are supposed to like NOT make a 28 year old man seriously ill?

And what is with this 3 month recovery? I mean mono should be called like "mini cancer" or something. Because you never really lose it, it just goes into remission. BUH!!!! Leave my boyfriend alone.

But..I did just have the best Monday with Miss.....but that is all I will give you.

All I can say is one day you will get yours.


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