Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gratitude - day thirteen

My Angel.

This pic is taken after Sunday spaghetti dinner.

Most do not understand him...and never will.

He was my protector at one time.

Now he is just my boy.

He is not well behaved and he is really spoiled.

But we love him.

Funny story....

We have sweet little girls that live in our neighborhood. One day they we playing "Tangled " and they were assigning parts. Their mom asked who was going to be the evil mom. The little girl looked at her and said "Angel".

 Seriously......he can be a jerk.

But he is sweet in the mornings.


Kim Millard said...

We do love Angel! Especially since he make if possible for you to be our neighbor!

aubry. said...

i feel like angel started it... it's not my fault.