Tuesday, April 21, 2009


My Britney Concert Experience
Jennifer D. Platts

Yeah this is the prep work. I was SOOO excited. I jammed for days

Red lips, Auby and Britney...perfection

Memories of a past life

Oh LOOK there is the stage and the show is just about to start..OK let me get ready...Oh there she is...Oh YAY!!!! I am going to take a million pics!!!! Wait, WAIT....MY CAMERA BATTERY IS DEAD!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!! Not now stupid camera (not stupid..lovely).


aubry. said...

... but then you remembered that you came to the concert with mary poppins...

and she got the whole thing on film. perez hilton, britney spears through the ages, magic tricks, midgets, super bouncy stick.

i have a cd for you, actually...

Sweet J said...

I am always glad I am with Mary Poppins