Monday, September 29, 2008

Favorite Friday (Monday) - Disneyland

Anyone who knows me AT ALL knows this about me. I love this place. I am reminded of this anytime I am having a bad day. Because when I am having a bad day I think the same phrases over in my mind "Why not? I am funny and smart and cute and stuff?", "I need a Diet Coke", and "I wish I was at Disneyland". This place is truly magical to me. In fact I do not think I could ever get sick of it even if I was there everyday for 18 months in a blue dress and a hot and heavy blonde wig know. All of my "dreams" play out here. I want to be proposed to in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle while the fireworks are going off, I want to honeymoon here, I have thrown a tons of coins in the wishing well for the Chargers and perfection to me is being able to take my kids the first time and see their face(s) light up when they see a princess (because I am having girls....Rebecca Bennion scared me). I know where every Churro stand is, the best times to ride the rides and the best restaurants. I cry when I walk onto Main Street EVERY TIME. I honestly believe you have not been to Disneyland until you have been with me. So on this Monday of all Monday's...I salute you Disneyland. You truly are "the happiest place on earth".....OK except ComiCon 2009 where it is rumored ALL of the Buffy cast will be doing a panel. Hey I bet I could do ComiCon and Disneyland all in one magnificent fail swoop!!!!

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