Thursday, October 2, 2008


Oct. 1st

The Depot


8 songs

Original Band + Dave

Dave is Hot

Like remember when you thought Axl Rose was hot? Yeah hot like that

I mean I would not date him or anything

Well maybe.......

Seriously like, Dave is HOT

Jeff has my hair cut

I am not kidding perfect layers with bangs

Little Suzi

Love Song

New Songs

Ed Parker

Tesla Troops

Not a single picture


1 comment:

kelzone said...

do you think they're still as hot? or they can still swing their hips like that without requiring replacement soon thereafter? jk, you're not that fact, i'm jealous cause you have to be 21 to get into the depot....ah why am i so young?
p.s. thanks for the recommendation to use on my spanish tutor...i think i'll wait till the end of the semester to avoid the possibility of awkward confrontation thereafter