Saturday, October 25, 2008

Conversations with a conservative

So as most of you know I am not what most would consider a conservative. And usually I am left alone on this point. I make it known my views are pretty strong. I love FDR, I liked Clinton, I think Bush sucks and so do his foreign policies, blah blah blah. Again I am usually just left alone. But all of a sudden I have found this comfortable little place I have been living challenged. I have gotten to know a conservative who has no problem challenging me. So because most of my readers most likely can not believe someone would dare....well I am going to post some of our conversations. Just so my dad can laugh at me. BUT...I held a gun last night know... I am opened minded.
This post will be reletivly short. It really was the one that made me shake my head the most. We will, for the sake of ease, call the conservative Reagan.
Reagan and Jen are talking (texting) about the personal lives and agenda's of certain politicians.
Jen - Reagan, conservatives are not angels either. They are more two faced than liberals
Reagan - You are right, some probably are. But at least conservatives have Jesus on their side.
Jen - Whatever, so if I become conservative more of my prayers will be answered
Reagan - Ummmm.....duh......
Jen stares at her phone and shakes her head...two nights later while speaking of this conversation Jen is treated to lines from "Who's on the Lords side who?".


Cong Cha said...

Wow!! Sounds like Reagan knows what he/she is talking about.... you would be wise to pay close attention.

David said...

Reagan sounds like a smart man!