Monday, October 6, 2008

Favortie Friday(crap on Monday again) - BFF

Last night was Sunday Game Night. We played that game "True Colors". As I watched everyone choose one thing became clear. All of the questions that had to do with kindness, charity, and or food all had my BFF. I know this. BFF has, in a lot of ways, been my saving grace. Allow me to tell you our story...well mostly my story.....

I was released on December 4, 2007 from...ummm....anyway if you don't know then you can ask me and I might tell you. That next week I spent almost every night with my Bishop. There were things that needed to be worked out and questions I had. I was going to my family ward at the time. One Sunday my Bishop says "you need girlfriends". I was like, "uhhhh I do not know how to make friends will pass". He said "no...go to a singles ward". BUH. So one Sunday in January I set off to find the singles ward. I ended up at the wrong building but there was a singles ward meeting so I thought "eah, what the hell...heck". So I went and I was introduced to some girls and I left. Cut to the next week. I have decided not to go. Who needs singles wards and friends? I am good. But I get this feeling to go. I say my prayers that morning that I will find a friend and that I will get a "sign" that I am supposed to be in this ward. I walk up to the doors...5 minutes late of course...and here comes BFF. OK anyone who knows her knows this is a miracle because BFF is never late for church. I ask if I can sit by her. The rest is history.

We have had our struggles....but we get through them every time. She makes me laugh, she makes lemon bacon pasta and she always tells me I am pretty (that last part was awkward but true). I am so thankful for my BFF.........

Five Great Things About BFF

  1. Thinks I have cute clothes
  2. Puts up with the fact that I feel that I am superior in every way when it comes to music
  3. Thinks I am funny
  4. Watches Buffy with me
  5. Lets me be myself
  6. Listens to me except when she is on the computer
  7. Kind hearted
  8. Hi-larious
  9. Knows she is not perfect
  10. Does not make me feel like I need to go to gym