Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Life is short

Just a quick little post to acknowledge life is short. Today I found out a really good friend of mine from years past was killed in a car accident. The weird thing is that I think I heard about this crash from a crazy drunk guy at the Tesla Concert. I am not sure, but he descibed the exact accident. I remember thinking....."man this guy is crazy and drunk and crazy". Then I get an email from a friend telling me all about this accident. It was very surreal. It made me think about all the so-called "problems" I think are the end of the world......they aren't. You know what is really important to me? My family, my friends, the gospel, music, my kids, and Buffy (come on folks you knew that was comin'). I may not always get a paycheck, I may never get married, I may never have kids, I may not be a size two, but generally I am super happy. And I am not going to let some douche bag who is mean to women ruin a concert for me.

Now excuse me while I eat some carbs.

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