Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The green fire is pretty

Auby built a fire pit......wait, wait, let me start over. Auby paid someone to build her a fire pit. She had it put in just in time for Canada's birthday party. One tiny one knew how to build a fire. Thank goodness we always keep our handyman around.....Matt(y). He supplied wood that he always has laying around and the manly skills that he has in abundance. Of course we were there for the most important part.....documentation.

Matt(y) trying to start the fire in the rain

Throwin some slayer love at the fire (whatever Matt shutup)

Auby was a little nervous....the fire pit is pretty darn close to her house

We were having troubles starting the fire so....we picked things to burn.....this folks was perfection. Make a country album.......burn Jessica, burn.....

****Side note.....we had the cover all ready to burn and Matt(y) snatched it right from my hand and put it in his back pocket...where is that pic now Matt?



I just want to take a moment to ask you to notice the sweet decorations in the background....I bought them while I was......uh......nevermind

Auby and her fire pit...that thankfully did not burn down the house

Done and done

OK so when I do my blogs I crank my iTunes and jam and right now "I'll be there for you" by Poison is playing and I am friggin sheddin a tear.....anyway.....I am not kidding this is a powerful song...."when you need a jump I'll be the wire" classic.......anyway.....good job on the fire Matthew, now will you please come fix my table.

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aubry bennion. said...

So, for every cute, pretty picture of aubry, There's always the 6 month pregnant one... Darn those layering tees.