Tuesday, October 21, 2008


OK so as of late I have been told to try a new technique of sorts. It's called "creating a new happy memory at a place where you previously had like a total sucky one". I don't think that is the technical term but whatever. Last night we went to Thanksgiving Point to the Corn Maze. I have thrown up in that corn maze. See 2 years ago....at like this same time...actually I just figured out that it was two years ago to the day yesterday....holy crap. Anyway 2 years ago I was at this little corn maze as part of my first day in Re-hab. I was so mad, and sick, and sad, and sick, and lost, and sick....did I mention SICK. I remember standing in the middle of that damned corn maze thinking "I could totally run right now". I didn't. I stayed. I graduated. So...I really almost passed on last night. But, no, I was not going to let my past still affect me so, with BFF in tow, we headed to the corn maze. And guess what. I created a new happier memory. Granted instead of puking in the corn maze I peed my pants but whatever. Haunted Corn Maze. BUH. Healing. YAY!!!!!!

I wish I could somehow post how I looked 2 years ago.....lets just say.....improvement

Honestly the best shirt ever. I am a genius

Haunted Hayride...scariest part? That Ian knew every word to every country song they played.

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