Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Have you ever.........(Word Vomit Wednesday)

Looked all of your serious faults in the face in the way of your boss? I had that happen today. It was life changing. Pardon me while I wax spiritual but I have been praying for a few answers and such lately and today so many things came into perspective. See, as many of you may be shocked to know because of the way I act, I am 31. There are times in my life when I act 12 or 13. I always think I am justified. Until today. When I had to lay the smack down on someone who, if gone unchecked, I could end up as (OK well not that bad....but close). I am certain that I am able to have more confidence than that. Be more emotionally stable and secure than that. Have better taste in music than that.

What happened today has changed so much in me. I mean it was this and other things I have been pondering and thinking but I am amazed at the changes it has made. I am so, so, very certain that this was such a great thing. I am so comfortable with who I am. I am a slightly...ok well more than slightly emotional person. And you know what? I am OK with that. I am not unstable (unless the Chargers lose). I am able to control my emotions. But I am dramatic and emotional. Guess what...that is what makes me me.

I can not stand John McCain....sorry watching the debates...........

You know what else? I love music and football and video games and cupcakes and Pop-Tarts. I love various TV shows and movies. I can not change any of that nor do I want to. I think I am pretty great the way I am. I have a soft heart, I cry easily,.....serious John McCain BUH........I like to surprise people, I like to give to people, I like tart yogurt.

Sometimes my heart gets hurt and broken. I am allowed to hurt. But I am not allowed to expect everyone to revolve around me. I am allowed to love my friends and want the best for them no matter what. I am allowed to be fiercely loyal....Buh Joe the Plumber.....John McCain.

Anyway, just, you know it was uncomfortable but it was really great. I stood up for myself which I need to do more. And something in me shifted. And it shifted hard......(TWSS)...and now I feel like I have been thrown out of the hole I was in. So thanks self-absorbed crazy woman....did you see this in the future?

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