Thursday, October 16, 2008

Favorite Friday - Stephen Colbert

Pretty sure...well let me check....yep....sexiest man alive. I mean look at this man. The glasses, the raised eyebrow, the hair. I am in love with Stephen Colbert. I fell in love with this man about 5 years ago. On the Daily Show. Back then I had a huge crush on Craig Kilborn...that turned into a crush on Jon Stewart that turned into a RAGING crush on the man pictured. I do not know of anyone funnier than Stephen Colbert.
I was so happy when he got his own show. The Daily Show was seriously holding him back. He is so witty and smart and hi-larious and handsome and perfect and a great kisser ( I mean how could he not be).
I am pretty sure I will find someone just like him. Well actually I am hoping for a Stephen Colbert/Bill Simmons/Xander Harris mix but I might be waiting a LONG time for that.
So go home tonight, turn on Comedy Central and let his sweet voice lull you into a false sense of security and self delusions because that....good what TV does best.

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