Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Winters in Utah are hard.

It friggin snows until like August.

But today I looked at a calendar ahead of me with joy...

I think I can get through the rest of winter with thoughts of:

Saturdays with Bestie
Surprises up my sleeve
Birthday parties
Dates with other couples ( I have not asked any yet but it is my goal so...)
Girls camp
The beach
Katy Perry
The Lep

I mean...I can get through winter right?


Mike & Melissa said...

I hope Mike and I grace your list of couples you want to have a date with!

We'd ask you, but you know how shy Mike can be and how afraid he is that Ed will reject his groping advances :)

prcessmag said...

Rick and I would also like to be on your list of "Dates with other couples" We are fun...I promise haha :)

Kim Millard said...

Count me and Miles in as well!