Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stand Alone

I stand alone.

I am surrounded by people with siblings...and sometimes...I feel alone. 

I know I have people that love me.

But I will NEVER had a real true sibling. 

I have step-siblings who I love, but I am not really theirs
I have sisters in-law, but I came in a year ago and they did not choose me Ed did
I have cousins, but they have siblings that they are closer to
I have my bestie, but even she has siblings

So sometimes...just sometimes I feel alone. 


aubry. said...

Wait a minute.
We planned this in the pre-earth life.
We chose to be besties because i come from the super indepenent family.
And I don't have any sisters.
So, yeah, I have sibs, but you fill a void that was specifically left for bestie duty.

And if you don't believe me I'll match myself down to Ross and buy you that plaque that says "friends are family you choose".... or something.

jalene said...

i know EXACTLY how you feel. all half siblings over here!

Cami said...

Just wait till the next life you'll have so many brothers and sisters you'll be wanting some alone time! :)
Love you Jen!

David said...

Just could have paul as a sibling. Only child ain't so bad