Saturday, April 9, 2011

Reason 765,434

I have the best bestie ever.

While in San Diego this weekend, Miss got the PLEASURE of going to Loehmann's.

It is ONE of the happiest places on earth.

There is one in each of our home towns but not here in Utah.

So all day on Friday I was sent pics of fantastic clothes that she was picking out for me. 

And so, I got to go to Loehmann's without leaving Utah.

Best Bestie Ever.


robin said...

aubry, i am loving the bangs! i think they are amazing on you.

and yes, aubry is the best bestie. only aubry would do something like that. she's pretty great.

there was a couple of times whilst i was in rexburg and she was in san diego and i would call with a shopping request.

"headbands from anthropologie" i'd say. "on it", she'd reply.

"hard candy lip gloss from sephora" i'd ask. "definitely", she'd say.

and even when i was in ithaca and bobbi brown makeup was a 5-hour car trip away, i called aubry and she was good as gold.

thanks aubry...

aubry. said...

1. shucks.
2. longest comment ever, robin. love it.
3. the act of buying makes me happy. the pleasure's all mine.

Shooting Star said...

A personal shopper? Where can I get one of those? Do you want to share your best friend with me?