Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I have said this before 

but this time I mean it.

I am D-O-N-E with Glee

I watched it today and was so annoyed. 

I mean EVERY TIME  I see Will Schuester I want to punch him in the face. He is the single worst person on TV....AND I WATCH REALITY

I am not rooting for anybody...I mean I want McKinley to set on fire.

Wait...I take that back...I am rooting for Emma's outfits. Because they are the best part of the show.

I mean I really liked Blaine but now that Kurt is back we probably will not see him as often.

AND ENOUGH with Gwyneth Paltrow.


Perhaps I am getting too old for teen angsty dramas with terrible acting.


nessabirdie said...

I kinda felt that way when Kurt was singing ... my favorite song was with the Warblers. Loved it! :D

Shooting Star said...

I have watched that show once, it was on the plane ride home from Brazil. I can't say I was a fan.

mattie said...

so scott and i just finished season one. i don't think i'll watch season two. i hate how every single woman on the show is crazy. terry is just plain psychotic. emma is sweet, but she has her own issues (that are beyond her control). sue sylvester is a power monger. rachel is obsessed with being famous and would do anything to get there. quinn has self esteem issues, etc, etc, etc. and then there are the perfect men...shuester never does anything wrong (his biggest issue with himself is the butt chin), finn is just so innocent and is always the victim, puck can get away with just about anything and not have any consequences.

yeah, i've thought a lot about it. i just don't think it portrays a positive image about women for being such a "progressive" show. i guess it's the feminist in me, but the last thing young girls need are role models who are controlling, obsessive, and deceitful, let alone who experiment and flaunt themselves sexually in high school.

rant over. sorry.

Sharlee said...

You're comment on "God Bless the Broken Road" made me laugh...out loud. I just thought I would share. You don't know me. I am a follower, though. I think I came out of hiding a while back with your first giveaway. I apologize for the random comment, but seriously I laughed. And even though we definitely don't agree on music, apparently at all, I do agree with you on that.

robin said...

i quit glee back after the halloween show, i believe. i couldn't take all the teenage sex that was running so rampant.

and i couldn't stand the inconsistency and unrealistic-ness of the characters. ugh. i just couldn't take it anymore!

and the theme episodes drove me crazy. i hated that they started doing the themes and that's another big reason i quit...