Monday, April 25, 2011

I Am

So Oprah had a guest on the other day.

Yada yada yada....Oprah asks us to ask ourselves who are we?

Funny. Because I was thinking this very question that very day.

I am a girl who, although it may not seem it, is shy and worries about what other people think. I am a girl who thinks most people do not like her and who thinks people tolerate her on most days. I am a girl who OBSESSES about her weight and wishes she did not. I am a girl who does not apologize for her opinions but wishes she was not so vocal about them. I am a girl who knows the Atonement personally and has used it to it's fullest capabilities. I am a girl who loves her friends and family. I am a girl who fully recognizes the power of a good bestie. I am a girl who is a workaholic and does not know how to stop. I am a girl who wants to be better but always falls short. I am the girl who wants to be confident and yet  never is. I am the girl who worries that people do not want to be around her. I am the girl with a past. 

I step back and read that and think....huh....but wait....

I am also funny...I think
I have a good heart...I hope
I have an eye for fashion
I have an ear for music
I love people....flaws and all

So I mean I don't know what all that means. I think it means that I need to move out of my house and buy two trailers in Malibu.


brooke said...

you are most certainly funny.
pretty good with words too.
i loved this post.

ciekawe zycie Lincoln'a said...

you are totally funny. and i love you!

Jalene said...

oops... that last comment was made my jalene taylor... not her husband lincoln. awkward! hahaha. sorry... i always end up logged into his account.

prcessmag said...

You are funny! You are talented, and pretty and so much fun! Oh and please don't sell your house and move because that would be way sad! :)