Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Book Club

I want to start a summer book club...who is in?

We can meet at my house and have cucumber sandwiches and lemonade and talk about books.

The first book will be The Help.

I have already read it so catch up.

This book...soooo great, read it in three days so....yeah good.

I mean really good.

Next month is Breaking Dawn so we can get ready for the movie!!!!!! 

We will also be discussing sarcasm.....and this conversation:

Holly - There is this laser hair treatment that removes hair from the outside of peoples noses, who has hair on the outside of their nose so bad it needs to be laser removed?

Jen - Stephanie Meyers mom

So...book club....any takers?


aubry. said...

i will not go unless there are chicken salad sandwiches on croissants and halved grapes.

Jen Rose said...

Wish I lived closer :). And by the way... I totally used my sephora "win" and scored some really cool things for the billboard music awards. An awesome red lip for the beyonce number! So, thank you again for the giveaway! I loved!

brooke said...

i have this on my list of things to read this summer,
i would probably do it sooner (like now) if i could actually attend the cucumber/chicken salad sandwich fest, but alas.
i would have brought some lemon bars.

Kim Millard said...

I'm in, I've already read both books so I'm ahead!

Shooting Star said...

Can I borrow the help? I'm a pretty fast reader but I also do enjoy a good chicken salad sandwich, never tried the cucumber. Am I still allowed to participate?!

Ed said...

It can also be.....a hat.

robin said...

i'm in.

oh wait, i live in florida. i'm still in. i don't care what you say.

hopefully it will get me to watch less tv. not likely, but maybe.

Mike & Melissa said...

I'm in!

Nikki Nielson said...

I'm in! We can discuss at the beach!

prcessmag said...

So I'm late in reading this post...I must have missed it, but I'm glad that I read it after our conversation on saturday because now I know what you are talking about in that last part. haha, oh and I'm in if you really start a book club...I mean, Oprah is gone so I think Jen Parker book club is a great replacement :)