Monday, June 13, 2011

New Music

Before I start a little story.

I am pretty opinionated...shocker.

I have made some great new friends in my neighborhood, one whose name is Kim.

Kim is NEVER afraid to challenge my strong opinions or call me out for trying to state I was to good for the bachelor (I am fact that is a step up from what I watch).

I like this. Bestie does it too. 

For instance most people just listen in silence as I dictate what music is good or bad. 

Not Kim.

Now if you know me you know I love Miranda Lambert. And when I stated this to Kim after telling her Taylor Swift sucked she said "well I do not like Miranda she seems like a brat so no I don't like her" 


Why the story? Because Miranda started a new band with two other girls called Pistol Annies. And their new single is awesome. And I thought...Kim likes country music I should tell her...wait what if Kim tried to tell me that a new Taylor Swift song was really good....yeah I am not going to tell her about this.

Let it be known though...Kim and I agree on the important stuff like Beyonce and Oprah.

PS - Go check them out and buy the single....I turn off my lights and listen to this a million times


Kim Millard said... got me...not only do I like it but I purchased it. I now own a Miranda Lambert song. Thanks for the musical guidance, ha ha! I love, love, love the blonde girls voice, the other blonde girl, not Miranda.

AND I stand behind the Bachelor and the Bachelorette, classic trash TV!

Amber* said...

Could just be my new favorite song...yep it is!!

I love Miranda too and I think that this new band is going to be BIG!!!

Thanks for putting this on the blog today, I had no idea their stuff was out yet!

robin said...

okay, i don't even know who you are anymore.

are you the heavy metal-loving jen? or the sometimes-country-loving jen? or the trashy-pop-music-jen?

at least i'm consistent!

(but i do love our differing opinions on music. it keeps things fresh.)