Thursday, June 19, 2008

Conversations over cookie dough and NKOTB

So on Monday my good friend Canada and I went to get ice cream with some friends. As most of you know I am a trekkie and have been known to go to Star Trek Conventions. I brought this up...I mean not out of the blue or anything....but it was brought up none the less. Two questions were posed to me:

One - How does a girl like you like Star Trek? I was mildly offended. A girl like me? I have many layers that are not just make-up, clothes and Zach Morris. Deep down I am kind of a nerd. And I am proud of it. I play video games, I played WOW (much preferred City Of Heroes though), I love Star Wars and Harry Potter and LOTR and Star Trek, I love Thundercats and Transformers and G.I. Joe and well lets be honest I am slightly obsessed with vampires and super heroes. SO how does a girl like me like Star Trek....easy......because I am well rounded and a dork.

Two - Who is the hottest female Star Trek Character? This is an easy one because it is clearly Dr. Crusher. But someone felt differently. I heard the name Seven of Nine....who is hot do not get me wrong.....but that is not what turned my head. What turned my head is "What about Seven of Nine? I had a poster of her in my locker in high school". OK now we all have adolescent celebrity crushes...mine was Harold Ramis (you know Egon from Ghostbusters) but the Seven of Nine comment was shocking because of who it came from. A full size locker poster........classic.

Because of this "discovery" I thought I would do my part to help stir old "crush" feelings and throughout the next day my posse and I sent this understated young man pictures of the illustrious Seven of Nine. It was pretty much awesome

That night I opened my email and there they were. The pictures we had sent...with a few minor modifications. I present them now for your viewing pleasure.

Seven of Arnold

Seven of Red Seven of Alice

So I guess we now know who the hottest Star Trek chick is...right?.....Yeah it is still Dr Crusher.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to debut a little somethin somethin. So as many of you are aware I won a little competition by the name of "You Tube Idol". It was a rough road but the rewards of no money, no record contact and no adoring suitors has really been worth it. Seeing all I reaped....Red decided to compete on "So you think you can bust'a-----move". After hours of practice on the perfect routine with the perfect song.....she was ready. Then tragedy struck in the way of too much eyeliner and lip gloss and well.......I had to step up. So is the last time you will see me do a stripper/cheer/80's dance. Well unless you marry me......because then..........

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Matthew said...

Wow! You have penetrated the deepest levels of is unreal the quality of those photos!