Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Parable of my Auntie Julie and how it ties into the song of the week

I am an only child. I like it that way. I mean sure.....it would be nice to have larger family gatherings and such.....and some nieces and nephews would be sweet....but all in all it has been OK. Because of this I have had to adopt "surrogate" siblings. Red, Arnold, Heidi, Carrie, Canada, Chaddy, and many many more. But none has really fit the "big sister" mold like my Aunt Julie.

I have never called her Aunt Julie....just Julie mostly because we are separated by 5 years or so. She is one of my heroes and with this little narration you will soon see why.

Julie used to rip the heads of of my barbies and she would never let me sit on her butterfly bedspread. She always had the coolest clothes and coolest hair. She always listened to the coolest music and knew all the hip dance steps. I wanted to be her. When Julie got married it broke my heart.....mostly because her husband was a D-bag (edited for my mother and that is all) but also because I was losing her. It was the first time I was a bridesmaid and the first time I ever caught a wedding bouquet and then had it ripped from my hands by stupid girls. I am sure that is what curses me now!

Julie's husband was a Bastartoyo (again edited for Diane). I will not go into it but needless to say I did the dance of joy when she left him.....finding out soon after she was pregnant with the best child the world has ever seen. Honestly, I am afraid that I will not love my kids as much as I love this one. So single, she raised him. On her own she raised her son to the best of her ability and because of this he is a stellar 14 year old boy strong in the gospel.

Julie is gorgeous. Always thin, olive skin, never has to wear make-up. Needless to say...she did not want for male attention. But Julie never found the perfect fit. For a long time she was single....A LONG TIME. I always wondered how this was possible. And then here comes Steve. Steve and Julie are a perfect fit. Steve is pretty bitch*n (sorry mom seriously that is the only word that is good there). He knows great music and great women. Julie was patient and found her prince charming. And then received the second greatest child on the face of the earth.

Julie has never shyed away from telling me off or where to get off. She has loved me unconditionally and for that I am grateful. She is an example of love, grace, faith, hope and charity. She gives hope to all women out there that are not the best cooks that you can still find a man. I love her. She gives me hope that no matter what I have been through I can come out on top and one day drive a van with remote control doors.

How is that for not putting your picture on.............

Song of the Week - "Making love out of nothing at all" - Air Supply


Julbug said...

Thank you Winnifred! I love you! Just to set the records straight, you would sit on my bedspread just to irritate me!

Brookie said...

A) does she call you winnifred because of Angel? B) when are you going to post the nice things that Arnold has said about you? C)you are great Alice...and you will love you furless children just as much.