Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lost mother like daughter

ANYONE and I mean ANYONE who knows me knows I am not computer savvy. I can barely figure out how to push the buttons on my keyboard. So I am sure it is no surprise I have forgotten how to get into my old blog. I tried for like two hours but it is like keys in lava, forget it man their gone. So I will try again. I have made a few precautions, like I have written down my password and such on the piece of paper I carry around with me that has all my account names, user passwords, pin numbers, social security number, secret crushes ect......come on I am not that stupid......I would never carry around my list of secret crushes.

But now I can keep up with my blogging. I can keep writing to the masses of people who want to know my life and my daily thinking's. I can keep the multitude of people happy that have been beating down my door to know more about the inner workings of my mind. There are not any now...but I am sure there will be.

And great excitement I have learned how to post pictures...I think....we will see...but if so I am pretty excited to feed the narcissistic monster that lives inside of me.

So this weekend, I attended a family reunion. It was probably the best reunion I have been to in years baring a few tiny set backs. I am lucky to have a great family and lucky that they have babies I can hold with no fur because sometimes I am convinced the ones with fur are the best and then I am proven wrong. Which brings me to my first topic. When I got home I was talking to a friend of mine. We were talking about a friend of his that is a terrible and I mean TERRIBLE father. Anyway, I was commenting on how truly awful this guy was at parenting and my friend says "and to tell you the truth I am kind of surprised, he was always so good with his pets". I am not going to lie, I laughed for like 10 minutes straight. Does being good with animals translate into being a good parent? Does loving dogs mean you will be a stellar mom or dad? Well I sure as hell hope so That comment goes down as one of my favorites.

Another thing discussed this weekend was "crushes" why are they called "crushes"? Is it because they inevitably hurt you? Is it because your self esteem is crushed when you find out that instead of you they they would like to date a boy? (Seriously Anderson Cooper.....throw me a bone, I have been sending you all those letters and chickens heads for years) I am just interested. Because I do not know anyone in my circle right now who does not have a "crush" and it interests me why it can not be called a different name. Perhaps it is an "Crazy Roman Unitarian Shirt Hottee". I mean not that one but perhaps something like it. That's why I said wasn't it.............


Julbug said...

O.k. a little hurt. I know you have some really spectacular pictures of me and you together. Real sad you didn't choose to post them. lol

Seriously, you are an incredibly gifted writer - thanks for making me laugh and smile everytime I read your stuff!

Love ya, Julie

Matthew said...

I'm glad we can finally penetrate your psyche again! And the pictures moistens my appetite to know more about your life!

Heather said...

That sure is the cutest furless pet I have ever seen! You made me laugh so hard reading this!! You are a great writer.