Saturday, July 5, 2008

Jennifer Does The Fourth!

Happy Fourth of July! What a great day! I do not know if anyone remembers what I was doing last Fourth of July....well I went and saw "Transformers" and celebrated the last 10 days of my independence for a long 5 months. Even now I get severely emotional thinking of where I was one year ago as opposed to where I am now. I am amazed when I think of the blessings that have come into my life in one short year. What great opportunities have literally fallen right into my lap. One of those opportunities was "Aubry, Alice, and Arnold celebrate the fourth". It was a fun filled day consisting of parades, water, fireworks, KFC, and 24 Diet Cokes.


So at 7:00 AM on my day off we headed down to Provo. Let me repeat that for those that passed out from disbelief. So at 7:00 AM ON MY DAY OFF we headed down to PROVO. Two things that are not my favorite. Early mornings and Utah County. Diet Coke please. Thankfully I had two fantastic girls with me, so they protected me from the hypocrisy, the size 2's, and the oxycontin. Anyway I digress. We found ourselves a prime viewing spot of the Provo Parade. As we settled.....something caught my eye. Well a whole group of somethings.....

Yeah....Yeah.....IT was an entire line of Star Wars Characters. As an entry in the Provo Parade....Woot! I mean I am a fan do not get me wrong but..........Huh only in Utah County. Other highlights...........

I was able to control my rage and sit quietly on my hands with my mouth shut as Glenn Beck passed. I just closed my eyes and hummed hymns to keep the spirit with me........Diet Coke please!

Orem Institute of Religion. Wow. I mean WOW. They were singing "Going to the temple" in the style of "Going to the chapel". So You know.....Only in Utah County.

Again...only in Utah County

We bought festive Fourth of July crowns.......

The brave souls in the car are so happy to see a fellow sister in the cause. I mean really thought I would see Hannah Montana before I saw this glorious sight

All in all is was a fantastic Parade..........Diet Coke please

Fireworks at Sugar House Park

Honestly I look at this picture and I am again amazed at how happy I am. Like I honestly am. Sure I still have to go to work, I still stress daily about the boy I adore, I still wonder why I can not lose the "last 5 pounds", and I still worry the Chargers will not win the Super Bowl. But you know...I am super happy. I have a great family. I have great friends. The Atonement is pretty much the greatest thing ever.

We had a good sized group with us. The usual suspects minus Ginger and Matty (if I had had a forty I would have poured it on the sidewalk). Fireworks, spooning, and friends.

Me and Miss Aubry

Me And Arnold

Aubry, Shorts, Arnold and Alice

Cutest Fourth of July Baby Contest Winner

Spooning Fourth of July Style.

Seriously...I have great group of friends.....I am lucky.

Here is to the 24th of July!


Brooke said...

The 24th will be equally as great...including a parade...but we can watch it from a balconey with an unlimited supply of diet coke (as long as you have dollar bills...hmmmm....) anyway...thanks for making my fourth the best in a long time. Arnold hearts Alice.

Brooke said...

actually two parades!

aubry bennion. said...

jen conveniently forgot the middle portion of the fourth of july celebrations. we went to the lake. amongst other things, we almost canoed with two mexicans. three, i guess, if you count me.