Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Drunk Men with Small Children

So Miss Aubry and I went and did a little Karaoke. It was pretty much like totally super fun to the max. Sang a little "Lady Marmalade", got hit on by drunk men, gave out my digits (to a girl), and got a buzz off Red Bull. So you know a usual Friday night.......

Yep it is Alice and Miss Aubry. I think we have a picture like this at every social function. I do not think we have ever matched as perfectly as we did that night. Where is Arnold?

The Key to any good time doing Karaoke is getting in good with the hosts. Lights, Camera, Charm......done and done. I am amazed I am single...well actually it seems I can only charm Karaoke hosts, drunk men and gay men.

Ha Ha guess again....we are not drunk.....just crazy!

Another tip to great Karaoke....know the bouncer so that when crazy drunk men tell you to quit hiding from them they can like you know "bounce" them.

Also be able to strike the perfect pageant pose...what the sweet hot mess am I doing?

As I said before...I can charm gay men..................We do not know where Captain Jack Winehouse came from...but he sure knew how to move.

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Brooke said...

sorry I missed the party. But it looks like you had a smashing time without me.