Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One Year Anniversary and The Police....Purely Coincidental

So Tuesday the 15th of July marked my one year. ONE YEAR. I can not believe it! I never EVER thought that I would make it this long. Not only that I did not think I would survive last year. BUT I DID!!!!! Damn Right! So Friday the 18th my friends put together a little shin dig for me. We went and saw "Dark Knight", went to dinner and then back to Canada's for cake and presents. I do not think words can express how grateful I am for my friends. What a blessing they all have been. Honestly every one of them have been put in my life for a specific purpose. It all becomes very clear to me as we become closer. I am so thankful for the second chance I have been given at living my life.

I have included some pics that were taken to commemorate this occasion. Few things to look for:
  • Notice that I am laughing at the DVD I opened. It is "Trekkies" from Canada and that movie was HI-larious

  • The CD is called "The Sobriety Variety". Kudos to EP and Red

  • On the table there is a raspberry cake (my favorite) from Kitty's from Brookie, a Tres Leche cake that says "Damn Straighth", and a dozen of the yummiest cupcakes from Miss Aubry. Needless to say we did not lack sweet cake like treats

  • There is a picture of me opening a tent. That is all.

The Police

Saturday the 19th EP, Red, Arnold, and I went to The Police Concert......ummm and it ROCKED. After devastating crushes that turned out to be gay it was good to see one on stage that was still...well you know....straight. What a voice that guy has. Plus we were surrounded by drunk people and I was sober so that was new. Pretty sure EP was hit on by a drunk frat guy in True Religion Jeans and also pretty sure that no one over the age of 55 should stand in front of their husband awkwardly dancing while their husband keeps the rhythm on their upper thigh. Also one hundred percent certain Red should NEVER demonstrate that on me again.

I have smattered this blog with pictures that will give you a sampling of that fine evening and the after-party after. Which was actually all four of us realizing we did not get any group photos so we snapped some in the car waiting to get out of the parking lot. Thanks to Brookie and her handy camera. "We'll be great, We'll be good, We'll be awesome"

Umm yeah we are pretty hard core soooo........

Cute kids and their Crest smiles

Ok taking a picture of four people in a compact car is highly difficult


Again difficult

Apparently, Red can not convince just anyone to play with her hair

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Amanda said...


I just wanted to tell you how awesome you are. You probably didn't know I've read your blog but Brooke lets me read hers and long story short you're all connected to each other.

Anyway, I just wanted to congratulate you on your one year. I didn't know you had struggled (we all have our own I suppose) and I'm so impressed by your amazing strength to overcome them. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to have met you, I think you have a fantastic gift with humor and you're always so fun to be around.

hugs, Amanda