Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to George Jones.

One of the greatest singers this world has seen.

He is what country music is supposed to be.

Remember the 1999 CMA awards where they asked George Jones A LEGEND to trim his song down so that they would have time for the Alabama/'N sync duet. So George refused to go....BECAUSE HE IS FRIGGIN ROYALTY. And then Alan Jackson performed a George Jones song then unplugged his guitar and walked off stage. I was so proud.

Country has gone to crap. Statement of fact.

But George, oh George....I still cry when I listen to "He stopped loving her today".

So Happy Birthday to The Possum.


aubry. said...

country has gone to crap. except big n' rich.

Amber* said...

Thank you for posting this! It is so true. George is the man. Country is def not what it used to be. Did you see the CMT Music Awards this year where Jason Aldean perform with LUDACRIS!?!? I mean for real...this is ridic. Listen to the lyrics of Shooter Jennings new song "Outlaw You" kinda knocks some of those singers who think they are country right off their stick horses.

mattie said...

haha...the thing is that some people probably thought the alabama/n*sync number was so cool. like mixing two completely different genres? so forward thinking for 1999. now looking back, what the heck?! it makes me proud to be an alan jackson fan. he's cool.

prcessmag said...

Didn't know who he was...I looked him up on youtube. I feel like I learn something everyday reading your blog :) thanks!