Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rent this

Because it's really good 

and really funny

with a great cast.

INCLUDING Paulie from the Rocky series.

Remember the robot that Rocky bought Paulie for his birthday in Rocky IV? And it had that great entrance music? And it was all Happy Birthday Paulie in robot voice? And remember how great that soundtrack is? That soundtrack is wicked awesome. Survivor man....what an underestimated band. I loved Rocky IV. I can't decide if I like Rocky or Rocky IV better. Tough call. But remember how Brigitte Nielson was HOT in that movie???? And then she dated Flavor Flav? Crazy. And then remember when Flavor Flav did that show on MTV Flavor of Love and that girl Hoopz was on there and now she is dating Shaq? Like she went from trying to get Flavor Flav to Shaq. That THAT is a step up. And then remember that movie Shaq was in? Kazaam? That movie suuuuuuuucked.


Win/Win is great. 

Rent it.

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Nikki Nielson said...

Flavor of Love, that show was so gross! It is crazy that she is hot in Rocky IV and then wow I don't know what happened! We will have to rent that movie, AJ will probably love that Paule is in it :)