Monday, September 26, 2011

Bed Rest

I am have been relegated to bed rest.


But it will be over tomorrow, I was hoping such luck.

So what it a girl to do on bed rest?

Get into Breaking Bad on Netflix....only to realize you don't like it mid second season
Watch two whole seasons of Reno 911
Watch 12792837492837 hours of Law and Order: Criminal Intent
Fall in love all over again with Vincent D'onofrio
Work from home
Get waited on by your sweet husband (I will not get into why my husband is the best, but rest assured....he is)
Have sweet people come visit me

Look, bed rest email me or text me....or comment....



aubry. said...

fix my blog.

robin said...

what's with the bed rest?! why?

wanna come to florida? hitch a ride with aubry...

and bed rest sounds actually pretty dreamy. why do you hate it so much? what could be better?

okay, so watch the closer.