Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I was an only child growing up.

And if truth be told I remember being alone and on my own a lot.

So I had two imaginary friends.

Jane and Michael Banks.

I am serious...I was not even crafty enough to imagine friends so I stole them from Mary Poppins.

And tonight Miss and I are going to see them in real live action on the Capitol Theater stage.

I hope they remember that one time when we drew on my bedroom wall with a Sharpie....I got it a lot of trouble for that.


Mike & Melissa said...

Lucky! I want to go!

HiLL said...

i really wanted to go. how fun.

ya, i didn't have imaginary friends but i did just sit in front of my mirror closet doors and pretend that my reflection was a friend. multiple personalities? haha that might classify. :0)