Thursday, October 1, 2009

Can't Find A Better Man

I went to Pearl Jam on Monday

It was good

It got me to thinking...I was a freshman in high school when Ten came out. That means when Eddie said that some people brought their kids to the concert...well that could have been me.

Then I thought about my 6 favorite bands and if I would bring my kids to their concerts. In my head I thought.....

(ummm yeah maybe...I mean I can't now because they are broken up for the 47th time...but yeah, as long as Liam was not no I would not take them)

The Who
(Uh yeah totally...for the two that are alive I guess. If Keith was still alive, yeah probably not)

Social Distortion
(definitely no)

Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers
(Yes except they always play venues 21 and over so no)

Iron Maiden
(I never want to explain devil worship to my kids)

Guns N Roses
(yes yes and yes because if they ever got back together that would be worth hearing the F bomb)

You know and then there is....

Ms. Spears
Allison Moorer
(21 and over and they should choose there own political views and not have their mother and a singer telling them who to vote for)
(yeah...except I do not want to explain what a-sexual is)
(By that time they will know Poison because of Rock of Love yeah)

SO.....*sigh* in conclusion. I will be seeing Disney on Ice for the rest of my life.

(side note: I would take a dog to everyone of the above mentioned


aubry. said...

Or,there's always Taylor swift to consider...

Her songs are kind of catchy.

Heather said...

Uh, you forgot to add Hannah Montana aka Miley Cyrus to the Disney on Ice list. I don't even know who introduced Emily to her.....*sigh*

robin said...

hello. i'm catching up.

you should probably just consider the possibility of never attending another concert after you have kids.

i mean, not that that has to happen...but it might. just warning you.

but then again, you're probably a bunch cooler than i am.