Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Thank you for commenting on my blog
that goes out to everyone except for you because you did not

Thank you for going to Sonic TWICE in an hour period
i don't know why I love that chicken basket

Thank you country gravy
because you are why i like the chicken basket

Thank you for my country roots
because that is why i like country gravy

Thank you for picking me up IN THE SNOW and driving all around IN THE SNOW
seriously...we hate utah...except for the great clothes and such

they are going to look so awesome

Thank you for letting us borrow your glass candy dishes
you don't read this but thanks just the same

Thank you for reminding me to invite Glenn Beck to my wedding
you even supplied his address
although i could have just sent it to hell and he would have gotten it eventually

Thank you for coming on the 14th
its gonna be tight y'all

Thank you for going to the store for me
*sigh* i love you

Thank you for getting the timeshare
it is going to be tight y'all

Thank you for going to TJ Max and getting the shoes for cheaper
i am excited to marry into a great family

Thank you for making my passport appointment
maybe MY MOTHER could start reading my blog

Thank you for Sunday
it was worth it

Thank you for chilling with us while we waited for our food
that was crazy right? remind your husband we did not plan it

Thank you for beating Kansas City
freak...i would have razored myself

Thank you for sending me the BEP and Slash video
it was awesome

Thank you for coming to my door and sticking a business card to it and ruining my Wednesday
i can not stand ANY of you

Thank you for supporting my cousins business
even though you did not know it was her

Thank you for always reminding me that I am nothing without you
it is a lesson a learn daily

Thank you for always inviting me to go bowling
one day i may say yes


Brooke said...

I am SO glad that I made that list!!! I LOVE IT...and I love you...and I will never stop asking!

Lori said...

Thank you for writing a GREAT blog! I love reading it and getting my daily warm fuzzy! Love you!