Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Promise

To be more of a faithful blogger

I mean I guess I don't know if anyone cares...but...I guess I will do it for myself and my 3 readers.

I also promise to blog about

The perfect engagement
Tardy for the Party
Wedding Stuff
Farm Animals

and various other things

Get ready world (I mean the 3 people reading this)



aubry. said...

am i reader 1, 2, or 3? dave, do you have a preference as to your assigned number?

since you blogged last, i have blogged 22 times... and i don't even have anything exciting to report {like, say, an engagement}. just jon and kate, craft fairs, and robin's head.

catch up.

Mike & Melissa said...

Seriously, Jen. Where's the engagement story? I'm (1) shocked, (2) appalled, and (3) disheartened that you haven't said anything about it yet!

wilkinson family said...

I was wondering where you were....sounds like you have major stories, I need something exciting to read about, spill.

kelzone said...

i am proud to be a reader and looking forward to the details for the wedding of the century!!!

kelzone said...

seeing as i never get to see you...and this is my best form of communication--family dinner anytime soon?

Brooke said...

yes, please blog more!

robin said...

is aubry talking about my head in her comment? what about my head?

OH! now i get it . . . when she took me to the jason mraz concert. yes, she did blog about my head.

anyway, i'm excited that you will be blogging more. thank you. i find you very hilarious with a slight hint of sacrilege.

Lori said...

Amen. I have missed you.