Friday, October 30, 2009

Favorite Friday - It's a 10

Who here wants perfect, fabulous, fantastic hair?

Well I am here to answer your prayers and let you in on the greatest hair product ever.

Let me tell you about my hair.

It is ugly.
It is flat.
It is stick straight.
It is dry.

I hate my hair.

This miracle product has redeemed my hair with shiny, fabulous, goodness.

It does ten things, I do not remember what. So I composed my OWN ten

  1. It makes my hair manageable
  2. It protects my hair
  3. It makes my hair shiny
  4. It stops fly-aways
  5. It smells g-g-g-good
  6. It hydrates my hair
  7. It makes me stop looking like Kim from Atlanta Housewives
  8. It gives me that hair model look when I turn my head
  9. It takes the annoying wave out of my hair
  10. It promotes world peace
And so It's a 10 this Friday is dedicated to you.....and your sassy pink top

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