Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Magic Powers

You all have seen her on my blog.

But I have news about Miss.

She has a super secret power that has actually been fortold.

Miss...can guess the songs that come on the crappy easy listening stations before they even play.

I am not kidding. I have seen it happen like 54 times. It is creepy.

I mean for real.....

"Hey Jen, I bet they play This Kiss next"

This Kiss...plays next

"Hey Jen, I bet they play that crappy Sixpence None The Richer song everyone loved like 10 years ago"

Kiss me...plays next

"Hey Jen, I bet they play a song that sounds exactly like all the rest of the songs this artist sings because that is all she knows how to write"

Taylor Swift...plays next

Use your powers for good Miss and next time request some Phil Collins


aubry. said...

it only works when i combine forces with ryan seacrest.

David said...

nobody ever loved a sixpence none the richer song.

robin said...

oh my goodness... that is awesome.

when aubry and i lived together we had this thing called "who craves this song?" you know, like when a really lame song comes on the radio (like "i'm walking on sunshine", or "sending out an s.o.s", no offense police) and we would say, "who in the world would actually want to be listening to this song right now?"

it was awesome. and then she made me a c.d. of songs like that.

yeah, i don't listen to it.