Wednesday, November 25, 2009



Ok I have a confession to make. I am pretty soft hearted. I mean I get my feelings hurt, I cry at movies, I cry at commercials, and I cry when Ed does not turn around and go back to look for the stray dog who might get hit if we don't save it.

Because of this I am a democrat. Oh and I attach to people. See I like belonging to things, I like having a core group of friends that I know I can count on, I like families.

I always worried that I would not be real accepted by a family. I had a bad experience. And I am loud and opiniated and I dress in really bright colors. Not to mention the fact that I have serious baggage. I had just kind of given up on the fact that I would find a good family that would like me.

Well I am still loud and I think a bit too much too take sometimes. Especially when I am in my element. But, I think I am liked. I think that they are OK with me marrying Ed. They are great people.

I need to quit typing because I am crying


Far From Left (Jared) said...

Jen....they HAVE to accept you.....

David said...

You sound like a smart guy Far from left jared

Sweet J said...

I just want to make it known that I have tried to come up with a great come back and I can't