Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I love headbands.

I love bright feather headbands.

I love headbands that do not hurt my head.

About 3 months ago (or more) Auby and I went to Craft Lake City. A craft fair here in Salt Lake. On this blessed day I discovered the headbands of my dreams.

I walked up to the table in awe. Everything I have ever wanted in a headband was there. I almost started crying. I bought two.

I then got engaged. I emailed Anne Michelle and asked if she could make my bridal party headbands. And she did. And they are amazing.

So....if you love headbands, do yourself a favor and check this girl out.

And if you want to buy me one for telling you about can

1 comment:

Far From Left said...

It must have been this fair where you found the dead bird to stick in your hair. Nice!

I hope you bought an assortment in different colors, one for every outfit. < S : )