Friday, October 23, 2009

Favorite Friday - The Perfect Engagement

Friday October 9th 2009.

I have been told to be ready at 5:30 so that we can meet our friends at Ed's house. We are going to go to dinner and then to to see A Chorus Line

side note: I had been pretty cranky this week. I told Auby I was going to get a ticket for A Chorus Line and go with her and Brit on Saturday. That night Ed told me we were going to see A Chorus Line. Sneaky Ed.

Anyway so our friends Cody and Ruthie picked us up to go to dinner and such

side note: The night before I argued with Ed on how we needed to meet them because they were coming from Lehi. He told me they wanted to pick us up. Sneaky Ed.

We are driving and having great conversation when I realize...we are going to the airport.

side note: I asked Ed where we were going and he said that Cody was just messing around. Knowing Cody I believed him..for like a minute. Sneaky Ed.

It did not take long to realize...we were stopping at the airport. Ed got out, Cody got out, Ruthie got out. I stayed firmly put saying "what in the hell is going on?" Ed says "Jen get out, we are going on a trip". I get out and Cody hands me an overnight bag. I say "that is Aubs bag".

side note: Auby packed me the most amazing surprise overnight bag. Seriously. If you ever go on a surprise vacation..make sure she packs your bag. Complete with 30z liquid bottles and Dior Moisturizer. I mean PERFECTION. Opening it that night was like Christmas. Sneaky Auby.

I followed Ed into the airport and soon learned we were jetting off to California. We boarded the airplane and I knew right away this was going to be amazing when I plugged my earphones into the media player on the plane and I could listen to "Circus" by Ms. Spears.

That next day, well we went to Disneyland. We rode rides until about noon and then Ed wanted a Churro. So we got Churros. Ed asked me where the bathroom was. I told him. He made small talk and then said...I will be right back.

side note: Our friends Cody and Ruthie flew out after we did to help Ed "delive
r" the ring. Sneaky Cody and Ruthie

Next think I knew Ed was in front of the castle he says "Jen come here I found someone to take our picture" So I got up...walked over...and then I saw it. A cupcake with the most beautiful ring ever on top. Ed got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes...and the rest is a blur of hugs and clapping and kisses and frosting.

And so perfect engagement this Friday is dedicated to you........

And Happily Ever After


David said...

Precious<@:-)!!!!!!! Two of my favorite people!!!! I really like the pictures. Nice hat hat EP!

Hey JD I'm going to magic Mtn tomorrow! I dont care if they have metal detectors.

Magic Mtn = Disneyland's Daddy

Miss you fools

raising4boys said...

Most romantic story ever! (so that really was a cupcake) Congrats again :)

And is Cody, Edwin's longtime childhood friend? I remember him!

aubry. said...

And, BONUS!... You wore a led zepplin tee and a Nordstrom cardigan to disneyland that day - carving concert tees into the history of your life for good.


Riva said...

yeah, I think we can be blogging friends ;) -- this was a cute post!! love this pics - congrats!!

Lori said...

So, so sweet! Way to go Ed Parker! Way to go Aubry! It's not an easy thing to trick the perfect planner! We love you, you cute little couple!

Heidi Janer said...

OH I Die! Love this story, wiping tears. I love Ed and I love you two together. Wow, I can't imagine there being a more perfect day in the life of Jen!

Ryan W said...

Great story, I knew Ed had it in him. Congratulations!

wilkinson family said...

Congrats Jen!! That is an amazing story, what a prince.

ginkin said...

I can't believe I hadn't checked your blog in so long. Awesome story. I'm so happy for you two. What a romantic story :)

robin said...

that's a great story. i'm kind of jealous. i mean, disneyland is my most favorite place and all.

as for me, i got engaged at a skating rink. yep, you heard that right. a skating rink. go ahead, ask aubry... she was there.

and yes, i'm still married to him.