Monday, February 22, 2010


You know when you move and you have all that junk from under your bathroom counter?Like make-up, lotion and sunscreen you have not seen in years?

Well I just moved and I found the holy grail....

a scrunchie.

Remember scrunchies's? Remember how they did not hold your hair at all?

I had 2,465,789 scrunchie's. In every color and design. I did not leave my house without one on my wrist. And that is where it stayed all day. If I wanted to pull my hair back I used a hair tie.

I mean it was basically a fabric bracelet.

And that got me thinking about all the other hair trends I bought into.


The Banana Clip
(I had so many..big, little, fabric, bedazzled....)

The Bow Clip
(you know those big bows with a metal clip on the back)

The Hair Net Clip
(similar to the bow clip but with a hair net)

The Velcro Jewel
(that one is just awful)

The Claw
(you know what I am talking about)

The Twisty Thing that gave you a French Twist
(bought off TV)

This post was like my American Eagle confession



robin said...

oh yes. and how every young women's activity was "making scrunchies".

i hope you feel better after airing this out...

Anonymous said...

Remember slap bracelets? Those were cool...for about a day I think.

aubry. said...

let's talk about something that's stood the test of time. the bobbie.

always subtle. always discrete. timeless. and very necessary.

also, the hair-accessory-most-eaten-by-the-vacuum.